Competitive Advantage
through Resource Effectiveness

Factor Infinity Strategy Consulting helps companies to achieve competitive advantage through resource effectiveness

The Challenge

Every company makes use of natural resources, either directly or indirectly. Growth of the global population and higher income levels contribute to fast-growing resource consumption, which in turn results in three major challenges: resource scarcity, pollution of the environment, and climate change.

Business Impact

These challenges are a potential source of risks for companies, for example supply risks, regulatory risks, reputation risk, and commercial risk. On the other hand, they can provide opportunities for growth, for example more demand for energy efficient products, renewable energy technologies, and new, more resource efficient business models.

Environmental Sustainability

The way companies currently use natural resources cannot be sustained in the long term. Businesses will have to become environmentally sustainable in order to survive and prosper. To achieve this, companies must focus on resource effectiveness.

Resource Effectiveness

Resource effectiveness means using natural resources as efficiently as possible, while avoiding unwanted side-effects, such as pollution and resource depletion. In an increasingly resource-constrained world, resource effectiveness leads to competitive advantage. To achieve resource effectiveness, most companies will need to make fundamental changes to their supply chain and business model.

Factor Infinity provides strategy consulting services, based on thorough analysis and deep knowledge of environmental sustainability, to help companies achieve competitive advantage in a resource-constrained world.