Three Major
for Companies
By 2050, we will need three planets to fulfill our demand for natural resources

The Challenge

The global population reached 7 billion people in October 2011, and could increase further to 9.3 billion or even 10.6 billion people by 2050. Simultaneously, living standards will rise, especially in emerging economies like China and India, where GDP per capita is expected to almost double in the next twenty years.

Population and income growth

Together, these two developments imply strong growth of resource consumption, which puts substantial pressure on the planet.

Humanity’s footprint already exceeds the Earth’s 'bio capacity' by 50%. Under a ‘business as usual’ scenario, this will increase to 200% by 2030 and 280% by 2050. In other words, by 2050 we would need almost three planets to fulfill our demand for natural resources.

These developments result in three environmental challenges: resource scarcity, environmental degradation and climate change.