Competitive Advantage
through Resource Effectiveness
Resource effective-
ness is the founda-
tion for success in a resource-constrained world

Resource Effectiveness

In a resource-constrained world, businesses face a double challenge: achieving commercial success while improving sustainability performance. The answer to this challenge is called ‘resource effectiveness’.

Resource effectiveness means using resources as efficiently as possible, while avoiding negative impacts on the environment. Achieving environmental sustainability is no small task. For example, it requires the complete elimination of fossil fuels from the entire supply chain, and all raw materials must be procured from sustainably managed sources.

For most businesses, this implies no less than a full transformation. It is clear that this cannot be achieved overnight. However, companies that develop a solid plan towards resource effectiveness, including clear targets and detailed implementation plans, will lay the foundation for competitive advantage and commercial success in a resource-constrained world.

A resource effectiveness transformation plan is formulated by carefully working through the 5 Ps: Positioning, Product, Production, Profile, and Performance.

Resource effectiveness transformation

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