Competitive Advantage
through Resource Effectiveness

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Factor Infinity helps companies to achieve competitive advantage through resource effectiveness.

Sustainable and effective use of natural resources is essential for competitiveness, making it a strategic issue for companies. Decisions around resources and sustainability should be taken in the same way as any other business decision: based on hard facts and rigorous economic analysis.

Factor Infinity Strategy Consulting offers insights and pragmatic recommendations, based on deep knowledge of environmental issues & solutions, combined with thorough financial analysis and innovative, unconventional thinking. Factor Infinity provides consulting services along the entire 5P Framework of Resource Effectiveness Transformation. See examples in the table below.

Factor Infinity consulting services

Factor Infinity does not limit itself to strategy definition, but is also involved in design and support of multi-year resource effectiveness transformation programs. Factor Infinity has access to a broad network of subject matter experts who can be involved as necessary in these programs, e.g. for carbon footprinting, life cycle analysis, cradle-to-cradle product design, energy efficiency scans, etc.

Factor Infinity also works for governments and NGOs, to create and evaluate policy proposals related to resource effectiveness and sustainability.